gift voucher FAQ

Congrats on receiving a MARIELLAskin gift voucher, someone very special really does love you!

Your gift voucher can be used to purchase any of our gorgeous Australian made skincare and candle items in our online store

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our gift vouchers. 

If you have any questions or are experiencing any problems using the gift voucher codes, please contact us so that we can troubleshoot this for you. 

The MARIELLAskin Gift Voucher can be purchased on our website via the below link:

The amount that can go onto a MARIELLAskin Gift Voucher is customisable and any amount between AUD$20 and AUD$2,000 can be used to create a gift voucher for your loved one.  

Yes. All gift voucher’s will expire 365 days from the date of purchase and activation and will not be valid for use after this date. 

This date is on the gift voucher PDF that is created and can be found next the coupon code.

The date of expiry is shown in day, month, year format ( For example, an expiry date of 3 April 2022 will be shown as 03.04.2022. 

The gift voucher will expire at 11.59pm on the date shown.

No. Reminders will not be sent about gift voucher expiry. Once a gift voucher has been issued, the recipient and/or receiver is responsible for any transactions and usage of the gift voucher. 

We don’t see this as being too much of an issue as we know how much you can’t wait to use the voucher, but if this could be a problem, we recommend popping the expiry date and voucher details into your calendar and setting a reminder alert 1 month to 2 weeks before it is due to expire. 

Your gift voucher can be used as full payment or partial payment towards any of the  items listed in the MARIELLA skin online store. 

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No, once your gift voucher reaches a zero balance it can no longer be used and it cannot go into a negative balance. If the gift voucher amount is less than the total amount of the order, the difference must be paid by the voucher user to bring the voucher balance to zero.

For example if there is $5.10 available on the gift voucher and the item that is being purchased is $14.90, the $9.80 difference of must be paid by the user. If the purchase is in the online store, a valid credit card must be added before processing the payment.

Once a gift voucher reaches zero it is no longer valid for use and the code cannot be reused.   


To redeem this voucher for any of our online store items:

  1. Go to our online store and add your favourite items to your shopping cart. 
  2. When you have finished, head to the cart page to double-check and update your order items (Steps 3+4), or go straight to checkout to complete your order (Steps 7, 8 + 9) – you only need to complete one of the following:
  3. If you are on the CART PAGE, enter your gift voucher code into the input box next to the “Apply Gift Card” button underneath the item list, and select the “Apply Gift Card” button after entering your code to save this and update your cart totals.
  4. Your cart total will be updated to reflect any changes in price made by the gift voucher. (Image 1: Cart page – steps 3 + 4)
  5. Select proceed to check out to complete the transaction.
    Image 1: Steps 3+4.

  6. If you are on the CHECKOUT PAGE:
  7. Select the “Have a gift voucher?” link at the top of the page above the Billing Details title
  8. Enter your voucher code in the input box that appears 
  9. Select “Apply Gift Card” and this will update the totals on the check out page. (Image 2: Checkout page – steps 7,8 + 9)
  10. Complete your order by entering in your address details and selecting Pay at the bottom of the page. Image 2: Checkout page – steps 7,8 + 9

A gift voucher is deemed valid if:

  • it has not expired; and
  • there is a positive dollar amount available on the gift voucher.


A gift voucher is no longer valid if:

  • The available balance is zero
  • The gift voucher has passed the expiry date.
  • The code has been voided by MARIELLA skin under special circumstances. 


The check gift card balance tool can be used to find out if your voucher is still good to be used if you aren’t sure. 

To check the amount available to spend on your gift voucher: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your gift voucher code, which can be found under the heading “Coupon Code” in the bottom left-hand corner of your PDF voucher. 
  3. Select the “Check Balance” button. 
  4. This will show the balance and any transaction activity this voucher code has had. 
  5. If a positive amount is shown, this means you have available credit to use. 

Gift Voucher Balance Example                                                                                                                    


Great question! We want you to get the most out of your gift voucher and you can use your voucher code as many times as you wish whilst it is still valid to use. 

If you have a smaller amount remaining on the gift voucher, this can applied to your next purchase to bring the voucher balance down to zero.

For example if there is $5.10 available on the gift voucher and the item that is being purchased is $7.50, the $2.10 difference of must be paid by the recipient (Image 1).

If the purchase is in the online store, both the gift voucher code and a valid payment method (e.g. a credit card or AfterPay) must be added to the order before completing the checkout process. 

Once a gift voucher reaches zero it is no longer valid for use and can no longer be used. 

Also, any amounts left on a gift voucher that are unused are not redeemable for cash – so definitely get in there and make the most of it!